2016 Océans, hydrologie globale

ACL – Ablain M., Legeais J.F., Prandi P., Fenoglio-Marc L., Marcos M., Benveniste J. and Cazenave A., Altimetry-based sea level, global and regional, Surveys in Geophysics, doi:10.1007/s10712-016-9389-8, 2016. ACL – Carret A., Johannessen J., Andersen O., Ablain M., Prandi P., Blazquez A. and Cazenave A., Arctic sea level during the altimetry era, Surveys in Geophysics, […]

2015 Océans, hydrologie globale

ACL – Balmaseda M.A., F. Hernandez, A. Storto, M.D. Palmer, O. Alves, L. Shi, G.C. Smith, T. Toyoda, M. Valdivieso, B. Barnier, D. Behringer, T. Boyer, Y-S. Chang, G.A. Chepurin, N. Ferry, G. Forget, Y. Fujii, S. Good, S. Guinehut, K. Haines, Y. Ishikawa, S. Keeley, A. Köhl, T. Lee, M.J. Martin, S. Masina, S. […]

2014 Océans, hydrologie globale

ACL – Roussel N., Frappart F., Ramillien G., Darrozes J., Desjardins C., Gegout P., Pérosanz F., Biancale R., Simulations of direct and reflected waves trajectories for in situ GNSS-R experiments, Geoscientific Model Development, 7(5), 2261-2279, doi:10.5194/gmd-7-1-2014. ACL – Feng, W., J. M. Lemoine, M. Zhong, and H. T. Hsu, Mass-induced sea level variations in the […]

2013 Océans, hydrologie globale

ACL – André, G., B. Martin Miguez, V. Ballu, L. Testut, G. Wöppelmann, Measuring sea level with GPS-Equipped Buoys: A multi-instruments experiment at Aix island. The International Hydrographic Review, n°10-2013. ACL – Ballu, V., P. Bonnefond, S. Calmant, M.-N. Bouin, B. Pelletier, O. Laurain, W.C. Crawford, C. Baillard, O. de Viron, Using altimetry and seafloor […]

2012 Océans, hydrologie globale

ACL – Ballu, V., P. Bonnefond, S. Calmant, M.-N. Bouin, B. Pelletier, O. Laurain, W.C. Crawford, C. Baillard, O. de Viron, Using altimetry and seafloor pressure data to estimate vertical deformation offshore: Vanuatu case study,J. Adv. Space Res., DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2012.06.009. ACL – Bonnefond, P., P. Exertier, O. Laurain, P. Thibaut and F. Mercier, GPS-based sea […]

2011 Océans, hydrologie globale

Anselme B., P. Durand, Y.-F. Thomas, A. Nicolae-Lerma, Storm extreme levels and coastal flood hazards: A parametric approach on the French coast of Languedoc (commune de Leucate). CRAS, vol. 343, issue 10, pp.677-690, 2011. Ardhuin F., E. Devaux et L. Pineau-Guillou, Observation et prévision des seiches sur la côte atlantique française .. Annales hydrographiques 2011, […]

2010 Océans, hydrologie globale

Alkama R., Decharme B., Douville H., Becker M., Cazenave A., Sheffield J., Voldoire A., Tyteca S., Le Moigne P. , Global evaluation of the ISBA-TRIP continental hydrologic system; Part 1 : a two-fold constraint using GRACE terrestrial water storage estimates and in situ river discharges,J. Hydrology ,11, 583-600,2010. Alkama R., Decharme B., Douville H.,Becker M., […]

2009 Océans, hydrologie globale

Ablain M., Cazenave A., DoMinh K, Guinehut S., Llovel W., Lombard A. and Valladeau G., A new assessment of global mean sea level from altimeters highlights a reduction of global slope from 2005 to 2008 in agreement with in-situ measurements, Ocean Sciences, 5, 193-201, 2009. Amalvict M., P. Willis, G. Wöppelmann, E. Ivins, M-N.Bouin, L. […]

2008 Océans, hydrologie globale

Berge-Nguyen M., A. Cazenave, A. Lombard, W. Llovel and J.F. Cretaux, Reconstruction of past decades sea level using tide gauge, altimetry and in situ hydrographic data, Global and Planetary Change, 62, 1-13, 2008. Biancamaria S., P. Bates, A. Boone., N.M. Mognard, J.-F. Crétaux, Modelling the Ob River in Western Siberia, using Remotely Sensed Digital Elevation […]

2007 Océans, hydrologie globale

Alsdorf D., L.L. Fu, N. Mognard, A. Cazenave, E. Rodriguez, D. Chelton and D. Lettemaier, Measuring global oceans and terrestrial fresh water from space, EOS, Transactions, AGU, v88, n24, p253, 2007. Bindoff N., J. Willebrand, V. Artale, A. Cazenave, J. Gregory, S. Gulev, K. Hanawa, C. Le Quéré, S. Levitus, Y. Nojiri, C.K. Shum, L. […]